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College Preparation

Thinking about going to college but feeling a little unprepared?  Or do you want to find out the knowledge and skills you will need to succeed?  Why not consider the College Transitions program?

College Transitions is a unique program designed to develop the basic skills necessary to be successful in college.   The program is a once a week all-day commitment for 12 weeks.   Four classes are offered every Tuesday, from 8:30am-4:30pm at the University College Ellsworth.   The facility is located in the Mill Mall on State Street (the Bangor Road). 

Reading & Writing for College Practice your reading and writing skills before entering college.   Learn new reading and writing strategies.  Ander Thebaud will instruct you in college reading and guide you through a writing process that you can use throughout you college course work.

Math for College Refresh your math skills with Trudy Martin in order to improve your scores on the college placement test and prepare yourself for college-level math.   Fractions, decimals, percents and basic algebra will be reviewed.  The math class of the transition program is intended to be an intensive brush up of basic skills with an introduction to Algebra. 

College Readiness  Sally Daniels will assist you with college planning, financial aid, study skills, time management and much more.  You will have the opportunity to meet current college students who will share their college experiences.

Computers for College Improve your computer knowledge while Steven Nickerson introduces you to the technology programs and resources critical to success in University of Maine system programs.  You will build on your existing technology experience.


Hancock County College Transitions is a joint effort of area adult education programs, Maine Educational Opportunity Center, University College Ellsowrth, and the State of Maine.




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