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HiSET Program


Join the many others who have taken that big step to continue their education.  Study what you need to pass the test.  Orientation, instruction and official testing services are free, convenient, and confidential.  Find out more about getting your HiSET Diploma.   We offer HiSET Diploma orientation, preparation and testing.   The Adult Learning Center allows for individual attention and a self-paced approach.  We want you to feel comfortable while preparing for the HiSET, so we provide an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

What is the HiSET Test?  The HiSET Tests are designed to measure academic skills and knowledge equal to those of a high school graduate.   It provides opportunities for adults to pursue higher education, obtain jobs and job promotions, and achieve personal goals.

What do the Official HiSET tests look like?    This 7.5-hour series of tests is mostly multiple choice, except an essay and some gridding of answers on the math test.  The tests do not have to be taken all at one time.



Time Limit

Writing, Part I


75 Minutes    

Writing, Part II


45 Minutes

Social Studies


70 Minutes



80 Minutes



65 Minutes



70 Minutes












Take Note:

  • Each section of the test is scored individually.
  • You will be awarded a HiSET Diploma when you pass all five subjects. Each subtest is scored on a scale of 1-20. You must score at least a 2 out of 6 on the essay portion of the writing test. You must achieve a minimum score of 8 on each section and an average score of all five subtests of 45.   
  • If you have a documented disability that would keep you from taking the HiSET in the way it’s usually given, you might be entitled to receive testing accommodations.  Find out more about this!
  • You can retake any section you do not pass.
  • When you take any part of the HiSET your transcript will be filed with the Maine Department of Education.  If you do not complete the Official Test you can finish with us or anywhere in the United States and beyond!

Am I ready to take the test?  Passing the HiSET Test may require some preparation.   The Adult Learning Center provides small group tutoring and classes, whether you need intensive work or simply need to brush up in certain areas.


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