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High School Completion at a Glance

In our community there are two routes to a high school credential as an adult in Maine.  Both provide a valuable diploma that prepares you for college and other postsecondary and career options.  We offer a cap and gown ceremony with a pomp and circumstance processional, live piano music and professional photographer.  All offerings taken for high school completion are free, convenient and confidential.   To learn more about our programs call 422-4794 for a FREE appointment and/or to request brochures.  When you come to one of our centers you will meet with our student advisor to discuss options for earning a diploma.

The diploma gives you the chance to take up where you left off in school.  Core diploma courses are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These courses are organized in four 8-week semesters.  Taking advantage of this schedule, you can earn eight credits or more a year.  You can also receive credits for out of school activities including on-the-job training, work experience and volunteer work.  Most people are a lot closer than they think!

The HiSet option gives you the chance to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to graduate from high school.  Study only what you need to pass the test and prepare for the next chapter in your life.  Students will take practice tests in each of the five subject areas. 

Adult Diploma

  • Earn diploma credits
  • Mostly one day a week
  • 20 credits to graduate
  • Cohort group                                                                 


  • Demonstrate skills & knowledge
  • Menu of options for preparation
  • Flexible schedule
  • Self-paced

Adult Diploma & HiSet

  • valuable high school credential accepted by employers and postsecondary schools
  • qualified, caring, respectful teachers
  • proven teaching approaches
  • tailored to meet individual needs and interests
  • cap & gown graduation


 Find out more about the HiSet program

Find out more about the Adult Diploma program


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