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Basket Weaving: Ornamental Woven Snowflake

with Sue Campbell


Next session: November 29th, 2023

$40 More Info

Using red, natual, blue, and green reed participants will learn the art of making a 3-D woven snowflake in different sizes.

The instructor will discuss and show embellishment techniques.

Your instructor will have extra weaving supplies for purchase if students would like to make more outside of class.

Each student should bring 50 clothes pins (the type with a spring), a small bottle of Elmer’s Craft Bond quick dry glue (or any good wood glue), and a cloth to the class.

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Basket Weaving: Holiday Centerpiece

with Sue Campbell Audrey Gilman


Next session: December 2nd, 2023

$50 More Info

Join Sue Campbell as she teaches you to weave a basket (approximately 13"x9") using natural, red and green colored flat reed. Once your basket is finished, Audrey will instruct you on how to take freshly cut brush (balsam and fir) and transform those boughs into a festive, seasonal centerpiece using your just-created basket. It's perfect to give away for the holiday or keep and put on your holiday table.

Basket making supplies and tools provided along with liner, florist foam and brush. Students are asked to bring hand held pruners, gloves and holiday decorations. 

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Cream Scones

with Sue Ligawiec Croteau


Next session: December 2nd, 2023

$35 More Info

Discover Sue’s technique of creating scones that are flaky outside and soft and yummy inside using the “easiest recipe,” craisins and candied orange peel.  She’ll share her tips, from dough preparation to shaping, baking and serving. Enjoy a hands-on experience in a friendly atmosphere. Suitable for beginners and seasoned bakers alike. And of course we get to try the delicious results!

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Want to stay active? Get into a walking routine! Join Kathy at the Sorrento-Sullivan Recreation Center for an hour of indoor/outdoor walking depending on the weather. You can saunter, power walk or speed walk. Whatever your pace you can do it safely. Meets regularly, and you can start and stop any time. Check out the new Age Friendly Sullivan walking path by the playground!

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Maine Driving Dynamics (65+ years old)

with Maine Bureau of Highway Safety


Next session: December 5th to 7th, 2023

$25 More Info

Please note that we (RSU 24 Adult Education) will be offering this class in the Spring of 2024.  Ellsworth Adult Education is offering it for the Fall. 

For Fall registration and more info please call Ellsworth Adult Education: (207) 667- 7110

or click this link

 To register for this class, you must be 65 years or older. Maine Driving Dynamics is a Bureau of Highway Safety course aimed at improving a student's defensive driving awareness and abilities. The five-hour course includes discussion of collision avoidance techniques, safety issues, driver habits and attitudes, and the basic elements that challenge drivers on Maine's highways. The course format engages participants with lectures, videos, and class discussion/participation.

Upon completion, students receive a three-point credit on their driving record. Some insurance companies give discounts after completing this course. Check with your company for details. 

*Students should bring their driver's license to class.


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Deep Stretch Yoga Flow (Session 3)

with Christina Krapf


Next session: December 1st to 22nd, 2023

$48 More Info

Restorative yoga postures and conscious breathing are used to create space within the body by getting deep into the connective tissues. Relieve tensions and heal pain while quieting down the mind for inner peace by calming your nervous system. A deep stretch restorative Yoga class is built for “any body”. It’s a  perfect way to reset and relax for beginners and advanced Yogis. It is super nourishing and very healing. It’s also a much gentler approach to strengthening and lengthening the body. This is a practice of relaxation into the discomfort. A practice of letting GO!

About your instructor: After a spiritual awakening in the summer of 2011, Christina was drawn to the yoga studio & to meditation. She enjoyed each class so much that she kept going back to experience different types of yoga and different teachers. She has learned that relating to the teacher plays such a huge role in whether the class is of fulfillment or not. In 2014 Christina started working and training @ CorePower Yoga in San Diego California where she learned the benefits of Hot Yoga. This inspired her to get certified to teach through the studio where she received her 200 hour certification in Hot & Vinyasa Flow. Christina was also introduced to Yinki Yoga, a form of Yin or Restorative Yoga with the added benefits of Reiki Healing Energy. She was then inspired to study Reiki and receive certifications in levels 1, 2 & 3, as well as Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. Over the past 12 years she has mastered her yoga practice by incorporating it into her daily life on and off the mat. Her passion for yoga has literally changed her life in every way! She desires to share that with others looking to change theirs and to feel better within their bodies. After 20 years of being an all day standing hairdresser and having pain in her physical body, she experienced a huge relief both physically and mentally from her practices. She is very passionate about health & well being and would love to share her knowledge & wisdom with you on your mat!