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By registering, you're letting us know you are interested in receiving more information about the CNA-M training offered by RSU 24 Adult Education.  A student advisor will contact you to give you more details, answer any questions you may have and discuss financial assistance that's available.  Or you may call us directly at 207-422-4794 FMI. The cost of the course is $700.   

Class will be scheduled once we have enough students who have submitted the required paperwork and completed the assessments.

This programs trains CNAs to administer selected non-injectable medications to patients who are 4 years of age and older. The course consists 120 hours of training, labs and clinicals; class training will be via Zoom and labs and clinicals will be scheduled in-person.

In order to take this class the Certified Nursing Assistant must:

For more information, please call Jean at 207-422-4794.




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Medical Terminology

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March 21st to June 27th, 2023

$125 More Info

This class is in-person.

If you are working in the healthcare industry and want to make yourself more marketable in the medical field, plan on enrolling in nursing school, or simply want to increase your understanding of medical terms, this 14-week course is for you! Learn the pre-fixes, suffixes and root words of medical language. This course will cover terms related to all body systems. Please have 3 x 5 index cards to prepare flash cards. Textbook included. 


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Were you trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and are currently listed as "inactive" on Maine's CNA Registry?

Perhaps you let it lapse recently...or maybe even decades ago. Whatever the reason, you may be able to work as a CNA once more. The basic steps are listed below.

  1. Fill out a CNA Registry application for reinstatement and send it to the Registry.
  2. Contact a testing site (that would be us!), pay a $200 exam fee and schedule your exam.
  3. Take a skills exam with our registered nurse and a 100 multiple choice exam.

Have questions about the process, need help with covering the cost,  or not quite sure you are ready to take the exam? Give Jean a call at 422-4794 (or register to have her contact you), and she will walk you through the process, offer suggestions for scholarships/funding, and offer you a study guide. 

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