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Writing Workshop

with Phil Wormuth

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Work one-on-one with writing instructor Phil Wormuth; you will have  intensive practice and feedback  to help build skills for effective writing in both the workplace and academic settings. A special emphasis will be placed on building confidence in essay writing, developing your written voice, and building a system for quality writing: drafting, revising, and editing. This is an excellent class for individuals preparing for their HiSET writing test, college, or a training program.  Participants will complete a reading and writing assessment prior to enrolling in the class.

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College Transitions English

with Sasha Alsop


February 7th to May 16th, 2023

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College Transitions English focuses on sharpening your writing and reading comprehension for college level courses. Develop writing skills necessary for short answer responses, essays, and research papers. An emphasis is placed on the writing process: outlining, drafts, rewriting, and editing to a final copy. Fine tune your grammar, punctuation, clarify, and organization. Build your critical reading skills to pick out main ideas, arguements and common themes in college level readings. 

Please call us to register:  207-422-4794.

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Avid Writing

with Phil Wormuth

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Our writing intensive course is designed to help you improve your writing, reading, critical-thinking, and research skills.  Activities also focus on skills necessary for college and/or career success: public speaking, self-advocacy, teamwork, time management and organization.  AVID writing will help you develop your voice and unique writing style. 

This course is offered as a hybrid course with both in-person and online portions.  Completion of AVID Writing is also eligible for one high school level English credit.

Please call us to register for this class:  207-422-4794.


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